ShuffLink creates a network and user interface to collect real time data from utility products, including shufflers, chippers, and related table peripherals for table performance analysis and player ratings. This advanced product provides new metrics and reports to significantly enhance operation’s ability to quickly identify and forecast improvement opportunities and operating constraints. The ShuffLink system provides two primary delivery platforms creating a unique competitive advantage for table operators:

1) Powerful ShuffLink User Interface (UI) that supports tools to analyze real time and historical data. The user interface provides reports and dashboard screens with the information from the database to help operators make informed decisions to optimize table yields, productivity of table or game type and of supervisors and dealers that are known during game play.

2) Leverage the ShuffLink data through a flexible and open middleware application layer that supports sharing real time data for table devices from utility products - Shufflers, Chippers and related table peripherals. This middleware data bus API provides a consolidation point for enterprise applications to consume and use in the casino infrastructure, including but not limited to table management systems, security and surveillance alert systems, display content management applications and business intelligence analytical tools.
Shufflink Hardware Image
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