Never Bust Blackjack

Never Bust Blackjack - 100% Involvement, 100% of the Time

Imagine a game of blackjack in which you can never bust out of the game. Neverbust Blackjack brings this feature to the table, enabling players to see their hands out right to the end, every time!

It’s simple, players discard any card that busts, leaving them still in the game with the original un-busted total. The dealer plays the same way and at the end, as in regular blackjack, the hand closest to 21 wins.

If either a player or the dealer have a hard total of 17 or higher, then both must stand with that total.

With no doubling or splitting, the game is fast paced and ideal for recreational players with no intimidation factor as everyone plays the same. This game is great for those who wish to venture into the realm of blackjack without having to worry about strategy.

During the "never bust" feature, if the dealer gets a total of 15, players bets are returned, regardless of whether their total is higher or lower. However, player blackjacks are still paid and all winning blackjacks pay 3 to 2.

Never Bust Blackjack also offers (if available) a Push 15 side bet where players win if the dealer's final hand is a total of 15.
Never Bust Blackjack
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