Managed Services

SG Systems’ Managed Services offloads the sophisticated task of hosting and managing your gaming system application suite and the hosting infrastructure from your internal IT teams. Our experienced application, infrastructure (server, network, database, iSeries) and domain experts monitor your entire suite of SG Systems from our industry standard, 24/7 IT operations center.
Managed Services allows your IT and business teams to focus on your core business, reduce time spent on existing gaming management systems, and ensure maximum “up-time” of SG Systems.

Key Benefits:
• Single vendor solution – infrastructure, application monitoring and maintenance
• Unique and proprietary understanding of SG Systems, and exclusive access to development team
• Preventive maintenance and fast tracked remediation of issues
• Accurate capacity planning for current and future versions of the SG applications

“SG takes care of the Gaming Systems and the associated infrastructure so we can focus on our core business – the casino customer." - Thy Prak, [MBA, CFE] AVP, Gaming Operations, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.
Managed Services
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Managed Services