Web Content Manager

The Web Content Management (WCM) is a web-based application that is used to create and manage customized content for display on iVIEW®. Based on the requirements of a casino, the content is created and published using the widgets available on the WCM application.

The WCM application manages the content on iVIEW to enhance player experience. It delivers content to the desired iVIEW displays across the network, based on schedules and machine groups. The WCM application has a designated database for managing data, allowing content authoring, scheduling, and managing rules.

WCM features include:
• Cloud based
• Multi-site support to create and manage content efficiently
• Content customization with drag-and-drop web tools
• Access to creative assets
• Target content to specific player groups
• Significantly reduce deployment time for new content on the gaming floor

Web Content Manager
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