Jin Ji Bao Xi - Echo Fortunes Asia


In the tradition of Duo Fu Duo Cai‘Jin Ji Bao Xi’ – a multi denominational progressive linked jackpot. Offering the base game Echo Fortunes that incorporates familiar sounds and symbols, Jin Ji Bao Xi has been expertly crafted to entertain and reward players with exciting new features and bonuses.

Created for the superb Dualos cabinet, players will be able to select from 5 denominations and play for two incrementing jackpots LUCKY FORTUNE GRAND and LUCKY TREASURE MAJOR as well as two fixed bonus prizes LUCKY PEACH MINOR and LUCKY ORANGE MINI that increase in value based on the chosen denomination.

Base Game

Game Trigger

Jin Ji Bao Xi Feature

8 Machine Bank

Jin Ji Bao Xi - Echo Fortunes Asia Cabinet
Jin Ji Bao Xi - Echo Fortunes Asia
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