The next generation of Scientific Games’ industry-leading portrait cabinets has arrived! Kascada, built on a legacy of innovation and success, incorporates many of the revolutionary features found in its portrait cabinet heritage, as well as new, cutting-edge advancements. It is the result of decades of technological progress, dedicated craftsmanship, research, and operator and player feedback, now ready for casino floors!

Features include:
  • Unique 43” double-curve, 4K resolution immersive display that draws the player into the game
  • Upgraded floating iDeck™ featuring a new ergonomic shape, top glass, and dual bash buttons for increased player interaction
  • Innovative new lighting package that gives the Kascada a larger looking presence and creates player-attract effects that cannot be achieved by traditional pinstripe lighting
  • Next-generation Salem™ processor provides lightning-fast gameplay, smooth animation, and crystal-clear graphics
  • Multi-channel custom soundbar that is integrated into the display envelopes the player in the game’s audio effects
  • Superior ease of access due to the incorporation of the J43’s industry-first main door hinging system, and further enhanced by an internal reconfiguration that puts all of the main components in plain sight, allowing for easy servicing and software changes
  • Better mobility due to the Kascada being one the lightest cabinets SG has designed