Bluebird xD™

An experience that goes beyond the game.
The BLUEBIRD xD™ is an experience that goes beyond the game, with a suite of sensory innovations that heighten the player experience. By mastering every sensory element and implementing new levels of interactivity, through its ergonomic design, state-of-the-art emotive lighting system, stunning sound, high-definition widescreens and powerful game platform, the player experience is amplified exponentially.
  • 22” or 32” high-definition top widescreen
  • 22” high-definition bottom widescreen
  • Provides the comfort and sight-lines of a slant top with the convenience and footprint of an upright slot
  • Emotive lighting for visual appeal and enhanced games experience
  • Powered by CPU-NXT® technology platform
  • BOSE® audio experience
  • Dynamic and fully programmable button panel
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