Psycho Cash Beast

3 Reels, 5 Lines, 5 Credits Max Bet
Feed the Beast and you could win crazy money! Psycho Cash Beast™, showcased on the engaging Barcrest® Stepper, features a thrilling Cash Climb Bonus centered around an insanely fun board game! Players will be at the edge of their seat as they spin, roll the dice, move around the game board, climb the ladder and feed the beast!
YELLOW TRAIL BONUS - Triggered by 3 Psycho Cash Beast symbols. Beginning at “Start”, 1 shot is awarded. The 6 sides of the dice are shown above the reels, and 1 side is randomly chosen to determine the number of steps taken along the trail. The trail offers 3-10 credits, +1 Shot, Cash Ladder, KO!, “?”, Upgrade, Psycho Cash Beast, or Collect. +1 Shot awards 1 extra shot. Cash Ladder awards 1 step up the Cash Ladder. Cash Ladder turns into a 10 credit award if the highest credit value on the Cash Ladder is achieved. KO! awards a Knock Out which removes the smallest remaining credit value on the shots trail. If 6 Knock Outs have been awarded, KO! turns into a 7 credit award. “?” will decide randomly between Collect or Continue. “Upgrade” increases the remaining credit awards on the trail. Landing on Upgrade twice turns Upgrade into a 20 credit award. Landing on Psycho Cash Beast awards 2 steps up the Cash Ladder, 1 Knock Out, and 1 shot. If you land on Psycho Cash Beast and the highest credit value on the Cash Ladder is achieved, no more steps up the Cash Ladder will be awarded. Bonus ends when Collect is hit, or 50 rolls have been made.
Psycho Cash Beast Cabinet
Psycho Cash Beast
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