The Simpsons

WAP and Standalone Cut Sheets Available

5 Reels, 30 Lines, 25 Credits Bonus Bet, 600 Credits Max Bet
It is Casino Night in Springfield! Join Homer and the boys for a night on the town in The Simpsons™. Showcased on the engaging GAMESCAPE™ cabinet, show footage and characters come alive thanks to the three high-definition displays and 3D sound bar. GAMESCAPE™ also includes an industry-first gesture control element that allows players to physically interact with the game in the bonus features. The Simpsons™ includes five character features and a Donut Wheel Bonus.
The character bonus features include Homer’s Monorail Madness, Moe’s Pranks A Lot, Krusty’s It’s Cobblering Time, Wiggum-a-Roll and Apu’s Scrat-Cha-Pa-Looza where the player uses the gesture control element to scratch off a ticket with the goal of matching two symbols that will become wild on the reels. The Donut Wheel Bonus also utilizes the gesture control element by having players catch sprinkles that are falling off a spinning donut, which correspond to free spin feature enhancements. Shouts of “D’oh” and laughter will be heard on the casino floor as players interact with this engaging game.

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The Simpsons
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