ALPHA 2 Pro™ Curve with Pointer

Curved LCD Screen Delivers and Authentic Stepper Experience

The ALPHA 2 Pro™ Curve™ with Pointer cabinet offers another proven configuration to the Pro™ Series product line. The Rotating Pointer top box provides an old school twist that players are sure to love.

  • Works with all games developed for Pro™ Curve™ with pointer feature.
  • Powered by Alpha 2, using the latest dual-core processing technology, greatly expanded storage, and accelerated video graphics.
  • Design improvements resulting from extensive review with veteran casino operators.
  • Combined bill-in and ticket-out path simplifies player interaction.
  • Ergonomically located space for player tracking systems above the button deck.
  • Digital Signage Processing sound system custom-designed for the modern gaming environment, and located to the sides of the display to produce a cinematic surround-sound audio effect.
  • High definition wide screen 22” touch screen game displays.
  • Game controlled Pro™ 18: Digital Topper.
Hardware Specification