TwinStar J43 Game Library

The TwinStar J43™ has been a player-favorite since it was debuted with Dancing Drums®, quickly becoming the best performing for-sale cabinet in the industry*.

To get these high-performers on your floor, choose from our growing library of exhilarating games designed specifically to take advantage of the TwinStar J43’s immersive 43" J-Curve, 4K resolution display. These games are developed in themed pairs that are specifically designed to be banked together, creating an exciting community experience for players.

Look for all of these games to be available in the Class 3, Class II and Central Determination markets soon.

*Based on internal and third-party research

 Class 3  Class 3
 Class 3  Class 3
 Class 3  Class 3
 Class 3 • Class II • CD  Class 3
 Class 3 • Class II • CD Class 3 • Class II • CD
Class 3 • Class II • CD  Class 3 • Class II • CD
 Class 3 Class 3

 Class 3 Class 3 • Class II