TwinStar 3RM Spinner

The stunning new TwinStar® 3RM Spinner combines a classic spinner wheel with the innovative features of the successful TwinStar 3RM, including its dazzling reel mechanism with full RGB LED backlights, game controlled LED reel dividers and bezel lighting.

This captivating reel mechanism, along with a multi-channel custom sound package, high-definition display, and other cutting-edge features provide the conveniences and thrills of a modern slot game, while the mechanical reels, spinner wheel and optional handle mechanism offer players a classic stepper experience!

  • Enhanced lighting and sound packages
  • High Brightness 24" 1080p monitor
  • Larger iDeck™ for enhanced player interaction
  • Optional handle mechanism offers additional player interaction
  • Super Candle provides custom lighting sequences that stand out on busy casino floors
  • Enhanced lighting package - more LEDs and matte finish for distinctive cabinet lighting