TwinStar 5RM

A Five-Star 5-Reel!


The TwinStar® 5RM features a dynamic 5-reel mechanism with full RGB LED backlights, game-controlled LED reel dividers, and bezel lighting. These flashy reels, along with cutting-edge features such as high-definition displays, a large interactive iDeck™, and enhanced lighting and sound package, offers players a thrilling modern stepper experience! 

  • Optional handle mechanism offers additional player interaction.
  • Dual-core Intel® processor with Hyper-Threading for ultra-fast gameplay.
  • High Brightness 24” 1080p monitor that is brighter than standard monitors.
  • Larger iDeck™ for enhanced player interaction.
  • Multi-channel custom sound package with 5.25" sub-woofer.
  • Enhanced lighting package with the ability to synchronize attract sequences within the game bank.