TwinStar J43

The TwinStar J43™ continues the TwinStar® legacy of taking player attraction and innovation to new levels.  Like its predecessors, it has enhanced hardware for improved 3D graphics and processing power, sleek ergonomic styling, a USB charging port, and dynamic lighting and sound packages. It also has broad cross-brand versatility, capable of supporting multiple content streams seamlessly.

What sets the J43 apart is how it showcases game content. Games come alive on its 43-inch, J-curve touch screen with industry-leading 4K resolution which immerses players in the game’s world. It also has the industry’s first main door hinging system, eliminating the need for gas struts for easier service access.

With captivating presence, versatility, ease of service and TwinStar’s reputation of dependability, the TwinStar J43 is the star of any casino floor.

  • 43” J-curve display with 4K screen resolution
  • 150% larger iDeck™ for improved interactivity
  • 22” Digital Topper with 1080p resolution and high brightness
  • Enhanced lighting package with animated attraction sequences
  • Cross-brand platform supporting game content from Bally, Shuffle Master, and WMS