TwinStar J43 Motion Wheel

The Next Evolution of U-Spin Technology

The innovative TwinStar J43 Motion Wheel™ cabinet allows for a truly interactive, hands-on game experience! It combines all of the features of the celebrated TwinStar J43® cabinet, such as its dazzling 43" J-Curve, 4K resolution display that showcases stunning graphics, with a cutting-edge motion wheel. The motion wheel takes the industry-first U-Spin® technology to the next level, allowing players to physically spin a wheel during game bonuses.

• Hands-on motion wheel
• Graphics on wheel's digital face are controlled by game software
• Stunning 4K monitor resolution for eye-popping game graphics 
• Larger iDeck™ for enhanced player interaction
• Multi-channel custom sound package with 5.25” sub-woofer
• Enhanced lighting package with animated attraction sequences
• Vertical door hinging for easy opening and service