TwinStar J43 Premium

The hugely successful TwinStar J43 cabinet, the #1 for-sale cabinet in the industry, is also available with select Premium game content. Some of SG’s hottest, licensed entertainment brands, as well as popular premium themes developed by our own in-house studios, come alive on this cabinet’s immersive 43" J-Curve, 4K resolution display. The addition of a premium, theme-specific topper only adds to this dramatic package, making it a shining star on any casino floor!

  • Advanced lighting package with animated attraction sequences
  • 150% larger iDeck™ for enhanced player interaction
  • Multi-channel custom sound package with 5.25" sub-woofer
  • Dual-core Intel® processor with Hyper-Threading results in 90% improved processing power
  • ATI E8870 graphics processor results in 170% improvement in 3D graphics power