TwinStar V75

A Bold, New Superstar!
Introducing Scientific Games’ TwinStar® V75 cabinet, the biggest and boldest new member of the highly-successful and versatile TwinStar family of interactive game cabinets. This new large-display cabinet showcases a striking, 75-inch, 4K resolution, ultra-high-definition, curved display. The unique curvature of the monitor allows for optimal visibility of upper display elements, providing a more comfortable viewing experience for players compared to competitive large-display cabinets. 

The TwinStar V75’s elegant, patent-pending design is a game-changer for large-display cabinets. It was specifically designed to address many of the issues operators have had with large-display cabinets. The three-piece standard assembly of the V75 allows for easy transportation, installation and servicing with no specialty tools or heavy lifting required. Also, despite its size, the cabinet’s footprint is very conservative, taking up a lot less floor and visual space than competitive cabinets, thanks to its sleek, efficient design.

Other features include:
  • Touch-screen capabilities covering the lower 1/3 of the display
  • Custom light box surround with LED grid and holographic optical film 
  • Wide-body cabinet, extensive legroom, and footrest providing comfort for long-term play
  • Premium audio experience with immersive surround-sound
  • Large iDeck interface with large left and right smash buttons with Halo lighting
  • USB power plug for charging mobile devices