TwinStar Wave XL

Creating Waves Again!

The TwinStar® Wave XL is the successor to the revolutionary Pro Wave® cabinet that sent shockwaves through the industry, changed the look of casino floors, and transformed the player-experience forever!

The stunning TwinStar Wave XL builds on this celebrated original cabinet’s legacy, offering a bigger and better player experience, showcasing a stunning, curved, 49-inch, 4k resolution, ultra-high-definition display, generating the kind of viewer experience only seen in high-end home theatres. The TwinStar Wave XL also features an even larger, award-winning iDeck and an even more advanced lighting and sound package.

Also, like all TwinStars, the Wave XL is one powerful gaming cabinet capable of producing unparalleled, crystal-clear graphics and lightning-fast game response that place players at the center of the action.

Catch the wave and get this powerful cabinet on your casino floor!